Use an iPhone, Palm or Mobile Phone to access your email account. All that is needed to connect to your email account successfully, is a connection to the Internet and an email client or browser for your mobile device.

The setup works pretty much the same as with your computer's email client. You will find all the necessary setup information by accessing your account via our WebSite at Just click on the ControlCenter button, log into your account, click on "Accountdata" in the left hand navigation menu and scroll down to "Mailbox (POP3/IMAP) access settings" for the following information:

Your Incoming Mail Server (POP/IMAP) and Server Port Number*
Your Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) and Server Port Number*
Your email login name (user name/account name)
Your email address
Use the above settings to setup the email client of your mobile device.

Now you are ready to get started with mobile email!