How to set up your account on Thunderbird

You will need the following information to setup your email account:

You will find the necessary information by accessing your account via our WebSite at To get your account specific information, log into your account, click on the ControlCenter button, click on "Accountdata" in the left hand navigation menu and scroll down to "Mailbox (POP3/IMAP) access settings".

Now you are ready to get started!


In Thunderbird, click on create a new account

Create a new account as shown below using your prefered settings.

Use IMAP if possible. Imap synchronzes emails between Thunderbird and our servers and allows you to access folders on our servers. Whereas POP3 downloads all emails to Thunderbird and deletes the emails on our servers. Folders on our servers can not be accessed.

Select your account (e.g. Test Account) from the menu on the left. Click on "View settings for this account" to finish your setup.

Account Name: This will be your top folder name in the Name section on the left. Enter any name you like (e.g. Test Account, John, John Smith etc.).

Your Name: 
Type your name the way you would like people to see it when they get an email from you.
Email Address: Enter your email address. 
Reply-to Address: Optional or enter your email address. 
Organization: Optional.
Advanced... Make sure that Thunderbird uses the correct outgoing mail server (SMTP).


Select Server Settings from the menu on the left to see your Server Settings.

Server Type:IMAP or POP Mail Server 
Port: Enter the appropriate port number of the IMAP/POP mail server (incoming).
Server Settings
Use secure connection (SSL): select this box only if you have chosen the secure IMAP/POP mail server. Please note that SSL will be used in any case. If no SSL connection can be established no connection at all will be established.


Select Outgoing Server (SMTP) from the menu on the left to see your Outgoing Server (SMTP) Settings.
For Thunderbird 1.5 choose:

For Thunderbird 2.0 choose:

Server name: Enter the respective outgoing mail server (SMTP). 
secure email access: 
Thunderbird 2.0: for Thunderbird 1.5.
non-secure email access (not recommended):

Port: for Thunderbird 2.0 use port 465 for Thunderbird 1.5 use port 25.

Use name and password: Select "use name and password" and enter the account name.

Use secure connection (SSL): select the option "SSL" for Thunderbird 2.0 and "TLS, if available" for Thunderbird 1.5 . Please note that SSL will be used in any case. If no SSL connection can be established no connection at all will be established.

Advanced... make sure that there is only one mail server listed and that there are no empty lines beneath it.