Our storage increase program

Your storage will increase automatically with your needs.

Our storage program lets your email storage grow with your need for more space. Over the time more and more important emails want to be stored and of course they will use more and more of your storage. To make sure that your storage does not run out of space over the time the storage program will increase your email storage every 3 years.

The initial mailbox storage

Basic Account: 50 MB

Standard Account: 300 MB

Professional Account: 1 GB


will be increased every 3 years by:

Basic Account: +20 MB

Standard Account: +150 MB

Professional Account: +500 MB


The increase will be done after the payment for the third year. If you are using our option to pay for 3 or 5 years in advance the increase will be done immediatly.



If you have a new account your space will be increased after two years as soon as we have received your payment for the third year. However if you have decided to pay for three years in advance your account space will be increased now.


To the fine print:

If an account is up- or downgraded the mailbox size will be recalculated based on the new account type. A downgrade is only possible if the new mailbox size is greater than the used space. The email storage is not transferable between retail email accounts.