Please note: filters correspond to rules in swissmail version 1. allows to process and filter incoming messages in a variety of ways.

Filters are defined in Webmail and are applied to any incoming message (regardless if your logged in or using webmail).

(1) To define filters open the filter section in webmail:

Filter sets (2)

You can define different filter sets. However only one filter set is active at the same time. Only the active filter set is applied to incoming emails.

Each filter set contains one or more filter.

Filter (3)

Each filter of the active filter set will be executed on incoming messages. 

For each filter you define scope, rules and actions.


Following options are available for scope definition:

(1): all rules must match to execute the action(s).

(2): If any of the rules match all actions will be executed.

(3): Actions will be executed to all emails. In this case you don't need to define a rule.


Define the rules to filter incoming emails:

(1): To filter the message select an appropriate element of the message and add the criteria.

(2): Add or delete a rule.


Defines action(s) which should be executed for filtered emails:

(1): Select the action you want to perform on the filtered messages.

(2): Add or delete actions.

Forward emails to text (SMS)  or fax messages or

send a notification to text (SMS)

To forward to text (SMS)  or fax messages you must have a professional account and sufficient credits.

Use the following format for text (SMS) or fax messages:

SMS: [nummer]

Fax: [nummer]

Number is your mobile or fax number with the format "+"[country code without leading zeros][area code without leading zero][number]

For example use +41791234567 for

Country code : 0041

Area code: 079

Number: 123 45 67

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