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Find all answers regarding your email client setup here.

How do I setup my email client?Please find our detailed instructions using this link: settings
What is the difference between IMAP and POP3 email protocols?IMAP 
Using this protocol, all your emails will be synchronized between your email client and our server. If you are using several email clients like a smart phone, your computer at home and one at the office, you can connect with each device to our server and synchronize your emails. The protocol supports the download of folders too. In general, IMAP is great if you like to check your mails from various locations and if you want to synchronize your folders.

POP3 is the older protocol. It downloads your emails to your computer and by default deletes your emails on our server. Folders are not supported.

Note: you can not change the protocol type of your account within your email client. To change the protocol you must delete the account within the email client and install it again.
I cannot receive/send any emails; what should I do?Please describe to us the exact problem and provide us with the following information for further help:
  1. Screenshots or list of the used settings
  2. the exact error message incl. error number you receive
  3. the email client you are using

Setup your email client

Personal settings

Use the following settings for your account setup.

User name / Email address: your swissmail account email address

Password: your password

Incoming server:


Outgoing server:


For detailed setup instructions for an email client program (iPhone/Android/Outlook/Thunderbird, etc.), use one of the links below. If your email client is not listed and you could not setup your account, please contact our support.

Please be aware that by using POP3 all downloaded emails will be deleted on our server. Do not use POP3 but IMAP if you want to use more than one email client or our webmail.

List of email clients

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