Use the login button on swissmail.org home page to login into the swissmail box account to manage your email account.

As credentials use your email address and your password.

Activate 2-factor authentication to significantly improve the security level. 

After the login  you end up in Webmail (a browser based email client) to access your emails.  Besides the Webmail part swissmail.org provides an administration part which allows you to manage your email account.

To access the account management part click on "Admin" within Webmail:


Administration part

Within the administration part you have two main sections: 

  • Service
  • Account

Service - Overview

The service overview shows your current account settings.

Service - My invoices

In my invoices you can download (2) your invoices and make payments (1) directly.

Please note that invoices before the re-launch of swissmail in Oct/2020 are not available.

To change the currency of your invoice see our howto description.

Service - Bonus program

Details are enlisted here: Bonusprogram

Service - Invoice Address

Enter your address for your invoice here.

Enter your e-mail address for your e-mail here too. Default value will be your account e-mail address.

Service - Credits

For Professional Accounts only!

See your current balance (1) and a history of your used credits (2). To add new credits click on the +(plus) sign (3).

Service - Upgrade

To upgrade your account or to add additional storage select this page.

Account - Dashboard

Change your account settings here (1).

Name: Your name in the email address (2)

Recovery email address: This email address will be used when resetting the password. (3)(4)

Time zone: set your time zone (5)

Language: Used for email notifications. (6)

Account - SMS/Fax

For Professional Accounts only!

List of sent text or fax messages (1)
All sent messages will be listed here. 

Send a message (2)
To send any text (sms) or fax message click on appropriate plus (+) button.

Account - Verfied Sender

For security reasons non-swissmail.org email addresses which will be used as sender address must be defined here. Please fill out the fields with the complete sender address you wish to use.
To activate a sender address an email will be sent to the sender address.
Please be aware that the recipient mailserver may not accept such an email from swissmail.org. In that case please contact the administrator of the non-swissmail.org sender address for help.

Account - Distribution list

Manage Distribution lists
With the distribution list you can send emails to a group of predefined recipients.
Each recipient only sees his email address as the recipient address. This allows you to send the same email to multiple recipients without each recipient seeing all addresses.

(1) Your available lists

(2) Add new lists

(3) delete or edit a list and enter recipients to the list.

Account - Antispam

Adjust your Antispam-Settings here.

Account - Reminder

List of defined reminders (1)

Create a reminder to receive a reminder message per email or text message (SMS).

Click on the +(plus) icon to create a new reminder. (2)

Create or edit a reminder (3)

  • Setup your reminders once and forever (never forget any birthday anymore).
  • Setup an automatic reminder for someone else (send reminders to your project members for deliverables).
  • Receive a reminder wherever you are at any time (send a reminder to your mobile phone using text message (SMS)).

Account - Mail Aliases

Manage Alias Addresses (1)
You can define additional email addresses for your email account here. Emails sent to an alias address will be forwarded to your mailbox.

(2) Create a new alias address

(3) Delete your alias address

Use the filter function in Webmail to move emails for a specific alias address into a separate folder.

Go back to Webmail

Click on one of the highlighted icons to get back to Webmail.

Please find additional answers regarding your account management here.

How do I define filters/rules?

A detailed description is available here.

What is an alias?An alias address (or pseudonym, nickname, etc.) is most often used to surf, chat etc. on the Internet to hide your real identity or to define a role like webmaster@swissmail.org. Messages sent to such aliases will automatically be forwarded to the mailbox they belong to, i.e. to the primary address. For this reason, an alias address cannot really be treated as a separate mailbox.
What is the difference between Alias and Sender-Addresses?With a Standard or Professional Account, Alias addresses can be defined. These are additional swissmail.org email addresses, but belong to the same account and are freely selectable. Messages sent to such aliases will automatically be forwarded to the mailbox they belong to, i.e. to the primary address.

With a Standard or Professional Account additional Sender addresses which do not belong to swissmail.org can be defined. You have to be the owner of those email addresses as they only are active when the owner confirms them (a confirmation link will be sent to the owner). The sender addresses can only be used as a sender.
How do I define an "out of office", a “vacation” or other autoreplies?

Please go to our webMail app. Under Settings you can define Out of Office messages.

Can I change my email address?The email address itself cannot be changed. You can use alias addresses for having different email addresses.
How do I cancel my swissmail.org account?60 days before the yearly fee is due an invoice is automatically sent to your email address. If the invoice isn't paid the account will automatically be deleted when the account expires. 

SMS / Fax

How can I use SMS/fax?

With a Professional Account you have the possibility to use text (SMS) or fax messages.

Swissmail allows you to

  • to send text (SMS) /fax messages 
  • to forward incoming emails as an text (SMS) / fax message.
  • to send reminders to your mobile phone using text messages.

Please note that you cannot receive any text (SMS) / fax message as an email.

How much does it cost to send an SMS or a fax?Please follow this link to see our forwarding charges.
How can I add funds to my forwarding balance?

Please login to your swissmail.org account. Go to the Admin part of your account. Select your Abo.


Charges for SMS/Fax services (Professional Account only)

100 units25.00
1 SMS1.5
1 fax10

VAT for Swiss customers not included.

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