With two-factor verification you can protect your access even better. When logging in, you must also enter a so-called two-factor token in addition to the password.

The token (usually a number) is created for you by an app, for example on your smartphone.

The two-factor authentication only supports access to the Swissmail.org website.


To create a two-factor token, you need an application on your computer or smartphone that supports one-time passwords (according to RFC 6238).

Various such applications exist. The best known of these is Google Authenticator, which you can find in the Apple Store or Google PlayStore.

Install the Google Authenticator on your smartphone (or any equivalent app).

Activate two-factor authentication

To set up two-faktor authentication follow these steps:

(1) Click on the profil icon within the Admin tool

(2) Click on button "Two Factor Authorization"

(3) Follow the instructions in the screen: Scan the QR code, for example with the previously installed Google Authenticator app and enter the generated code.

The QR-code should not be seen by anyone else than you. Please make these steps in a safe environment.

Login with two-factor authentication

Login as usual. After entering your credentials you will be asked to enter the token.

Open Google Authenticator (or any equivalent app you are using) on your smartphone and enter the shown number to the highlighted field.

Deactivate two-factor authentication

To disable 2-factor authentication

(1) Click on the profil icon

(2) Click on button "Two Factor Authorization"

(3) Click on the button "Disable" and follow the instructions in the screen.

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