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Use the login button on home page to login into the forwarding account to manage your forwarding email account.

As credentials use your email address and your password.

Activate 2-factor authentication to significantly improve the security level. 

After the login  you end up in the administration part which allows you to manage your forwarding email account.             

Administration part

Within the administration part you have two main sections: 

  • Service
  • Account

Service - Overview

The service overview shows your current account settings.

Service - My invoices

In my invoices you can download (2) your invoices and make payments (1) directly.

Please note that invoices before the re-launch of swissmail in Oct/2020 are not available.

To change the currency of your invoice see our howto description.

Service - Invoice Address

Enter your address for your invoice here.

Enter your e-mail address for your e-mail here too. Default value will be your account e-mail address.

Account - Dashboard

Change your account settings here (1).

Name: Your name in the email address (1)

Forward to:  All incoming emails will be forwarded to this address (2)

Invoice email: You can redirect your invoice zo another email address. (3)

Recovery email address: This email address will be used when resetting the password. (4)(5)

Time zone: set your time zone (6)

Language: Used for email notifications. (7)

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