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Our promise

Your secure e-mail service - a life long.

Our promise

We believe that an e-mail address can accompany us for a lifetime and that it has a central role in interpersonal communication. We want you to be able to safely reach old friends and acquaintances even after decades. And because a private as well as a business conversation only concerns the people involved, privacy is a top priority at

Swiss E-Mail Service embodies the fundamental values of Swiss culture such as independence, freedom, democracy, peace, solidarity, openness and responsibility towards future generations.

The servers are all located in Switzerland and are exclusively subject to Swiss law.


In order to maintain our independence and to prevent illegal access via commercial software products, we only use open source software products.

Your data belongs only to you

We guarantee a safe handling of your data. Your data is stored exclusively in Switzerland. We would never allow ourselves to make any personal analyses or evaluations of your data.

The basic right to privacy is laid down in the Swiss Federal Constitution in Article 13 as follows:

«Every person has the right to respect for his or her private and family life, his or her home, as well as his or her correspondence, post and telecommunications. - Every person has the right to protection against misuse of his or her personal data.»


We take your request seriously. No matter whether it concerns questions about the installed equipment or a malfunction. We solve problems within our sphere of influence and are committed to ensuring that you can also count on our partners.

Personal support

You can reach us if you need support. By phone or email. Always personally and free of charge. 

From Monday to Friday - 8:00 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 17.30.

The same E-mail address for life

To guarantee this, we have documented the essential elements, such as the rights to our domain names, with the obligation that these elements must always be available for the operation of a publicly available e-mail service. In this way we ensure that the essential elements are always protected from particular interests.

Use for 20 days free of charge and without obligation.