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Swissmail Box

Individual mailboxes with domain names from Swissmail which create trust worldwide. Secure and reliable. For a lifetime.

Swissmail Server

Multiple mailboxes with central administration and own domain (@my domain)

Suitable for:
  • Private persons
  • Smaller companies
  • Contact addresses
  • On-call and emergency mail addresses
  • Companies and organizations
  • Associations and families 
  • All stakeholders who want their own domain and/or centralized mailbox management
Domains and Mailbox Administration:

Domain name (e.g. ) must be selected from the following domains:


It is not possible to use your own domain.

  • Use your own domain name (e.g.
  • Use a Swissmail domain name without own domain:
  • Mixed use with own domain and Swissmail domains possible.
  • Central, graduated administration. 
  • Group administration and individual mailbox administration with different logins.
  • Group policies Administrator can create, customize and delete mailboxes. 
  • Resource pool: The administrator can allocate resources (e.g. disk space) to the individual mailboxes

The mailbox settings (e.g. forwarding, antivirus and antispam configuration, etc.) are managed separately for each mailbox.

Group Policies: 

Mailbox settings (e.g. forwarding, anti-virus and anti-spam configuration, etc.) can be managed for the whole group or individually.

Mailbox Features:

Maximum Mail size depends on the selected product:
- 20MB/50MB/100MB

Maximum Mail size 100MB for all mailboxes.

Antispam and antivirus settings individually adjustable per mailbox.

Antispam and antivirus settings can be individually adjusted for each mailbox and also be centrally managed for the whole group.

  • Email Rules
  • Office functions (calendar, addresses, notes)
  • Reminder function
  • Email Rules
  • Office functions (calendar, addresses, notes)
  • Reminder function

All features in detail:

Swissmail Box Features

All features in detail:

Swissmail Server Features

Valid for all Swissmail products:
  • Swissmail Lifetime Guarantee
    • We guarantee that the domain names offered by Swissmail are always available for you: A lifetime of availability at the same e-mail address for family, friends and business partners.
  • 100% Swiss made
  • Secure and free of advertising
  • Personal support

From USD 2.20/Mt.

From USD 10.–/Mt.

The additional administration options at Swissmail Server are explained here in detail.